History and Concept of the Establishment of Galerie Aube

Galerie Aube is a fine-arts exhibition hall that was established in 2005 to offer a clear and faithful display of artwork by the selected faculty and graduate students of our University as well as other excellent artists both from Japan and abroad with a short-term and long-term perspective. It is an institution for those who take on a difficult challenge to engage in creative activities employing tradition in the framework of the present day.

“Aube” is a French word meaning “daybreak” or “dawn”, and the word was chosen as the name of the gallery in the hope that the activities of this gallery shall bring about the new dawn of fine arts in the 21st century world.
The exhibitions held in Galerie Aube are planned and created so as to make people ponder on the incredible richness of life’s colors, offering opportunities to increase our ability to feel the beauty around us.